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Batsmen everywhere have experienced  “Trial by Dury”

Throughout his cricketing career with YMCA Cricket Club, Brian Dury has, with his unique brand of ultra slow leg spin bowling, lured countless numbers of frustrated batsmen into a rash shot with predictable results. Such is Brian's success that it’s true to say that batsmen everywhere have experienced “Trial by Dury”!

During the 2002 season, the popular Bristol born, leg break bowler celebrated his 100th senior wicket for the club and by doing so joined an elite band a players, past and present, to reach this impressive landmark. This notable achievement is made all the more impressive when consideration is given to the relatively short period that Brian has played for the Golden Hill based cricket club, just nine seasons.

Understandably, Brian, who in the right conditions can turn the ball a country mile, has gained a great deal of respect from his fellow team mates and, since joining the club in 1993, he has become one of a handful of players to make a league appearances for all four teams.

Like all spin bowlers, the recently retired cricket lover is partial to the odd eccentricity and even claims to enjoy M.D. Smith’s tuna sandwiches! But YMCA’s very own Shane Warne is clearly still enjoying matters on the field and, rather refreshingly, points to several Fourth Eleven matches during last season's league campaign as his most memorable.

Many English cricket commentators claim that the art of leg spin is on the verge of extinction in the modern game…..well, we at the ‘YM’, suggest these doubters take a trip to Golden Hill next season to witness one of Bristol most experienced ‘leggies’, Brian Dury in action.


Batting Average 4.43
Highest score 9*
Runs Scored 62
Bowling Average 15.87
Best Bowling  
Wickets Taken 101

Statistics are up to the end of the 2002 season

Born: 1946 in Bristol

Year Joined YMCA: 1993

Nick Name: I’ve no idea what other people call me. Prefer not to know.

Playing Details: Leg break bowler (like Shane Warne - similar waist size anyway - but a quarter of the pace and without the line, length, googly and flipper). Stylish No. 11 or 12 batsman, not out specialist, due to inducing panic, depression and boredom in batting partner.

Other clubs played for: Housing Pirates.

Best YMCA Matches Played In: Firstly, a match against Bristol West Indians in 2002. Bristol West Indies batted first and scored 221/8 off their 45 overs. In reply we reached the target for the loss of eight wickets with just two balls to spare.
Secondly, there was a match against Winterbourne, also in 2002, where Winterbourne batted first and scored 168 all out. In reply, we reached the target with just one wicket in hand. In this match I hit the winning run, and as the umpire signalled five byes for the ball hitting the helmet behind the wicketkeeper. Two things that will never happen again.
Both matches could easily have been lost, and were won by good teamwork in batting, bowling and fielding.

Favourite YMCA Batsmen (past or present): Tony Wilcox. My doctor advised me to avoid undue excitement.

Favourite YMCA Bowler (past or present): Tony Wilcox. See favourite batsman.

Favourite Cricket Ground: Congresbury. Good wicket, outfield, setting, clubhouse and bar. A very friendly and sporting team.

Least Favourite Cricket Ground: Packers Ground. Horrible artificial wicket with strange bounce, outfield uneven with long grass. The dressing rooms are very strange and the square leg umpire does not give stumpings.

Favourite Professional Cricketer: Bomber Wells. I have modelled my batting and fielding on him.

Favourite Food: Mike Smith’s tuna sandwiches. Poetry on bread.

Favourite Drink: Sam Adams IPA. Most American beers are all piss and wind, but this Boston beer really tastes of hops and malt.

Favourite Football Teams: Buffalo Bills. Lost three successive Superbowls, by a bigger margin each time.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Vancouver

Motto In Life: Don't eat the yellow snow (advice given by a sled driver on the Iditarod Trail)

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