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The Pocket Rocket from Felton

There’s an old saying that ‘the best things come in small packages’ and at YMCA CC we can boast one of the very best in the form of the diminutive all rounder, Tom Milsom.

Pint sized Tom began his league cricketing career in 1995, at the tender age of 13, when making his debut, (not for the Third of Fourth Elevens as one might expect) for the Second Eleven under the captaincy of Nick Thomas. However, it was not until 1999 that Tom finally showed his team-mates a glimpse of his powerful batting by scoring the first of six half centuries during a tense match against Gordano Valley. The swashbuckling Number Seven batsmen blasted his way to 57* in rapid time to secure an unlikely victory for the YM.

The midlands based student soon gained a reputation for hard hitting and by 2002 had become a crucial member of Simon White’s First Eleven set up. In his first full season in the clubs top flight Milsom averaged over 28 with the bat and made several useful contribution with the ball too.

Record Breaker
But Milsom’s previous achievements were eclipsed during the 2003 season by topping the First Eleven league batting averages with several match winning innings that were always scored at lightning speed. Milsom’s ‘shock & awe’ tactic was best illustrated when he blasted a career best 80* against Bitton and, at the same time, smashed the club’s longstanding record for the highest league score for a Number Seven batsmen.

1. R.J.BRITTON 122 IN 2001
2. S.BUCKLAND 109* IN 1988
3. P.D.KIRK 102* IN 2003
4. K.YOUNG 108 IN 1980
5. M.S.McMAHON 75* IN 1993
6. A.J.BARNETT 73* IN 2001
7. T.J.MILSOM 80* IN 2003
8. S.J.WHITE 69* IN 1997
9. J.F.CHIDGEY 67* IN 1997
10. C.HUTTON 37 IN 1999
11. R.STEWART 36* IN 1998

However, Bristol born Milsom’s talents extend far beyond his batting exploits. He is regarded as the club’s best fielder, winning the inaugural ‘Most Outstanding Fielder of the Year’ in 2003 Website Awards thanks in part to the huge distant he achieves with his throw.

Furthermore, during the summer of 2003 he also became the youngest member of the exclusive 1000/100 Club when he collected his 1000th senior run and 100th wicket during a hugely successful campaign.

Little Big Man
Off the field Milsom is a popular and well known figure who plays Sunday cricket for Bristol’s most established friendly side, Filton Wayfarers. He also enjoys a socialising and revels in his regular holidays in the sun. Encouraged by his devoted Mother, Christine Tom is seen by many at the YMCA as a future First Eleven Captain in the making. And who would argue?

Clearly Tom is a little cricketer with a BIG future.


Batting Average 15.1
Highest score 80*
Runs Scored 1075
Bowling Average 20.0
Best Bowling 6 for 59
Wickets Taken 104

Statistics are up to the end of the 2003 season

Born: 1982 in Southmead, Bristol

Year Joined YMCA: Ninety something. Can't find the exact year - I wasn’t very old though.

Nick Name: Numerous names are brandished about at YM- some are unable to be published on a respectable website although they’re usually along the lines of ones weight.

Playing Details: Bat a bit bowl a bit. I attempt to field a bit as well.

Other clubs played for: Started out playing for Chew Magna back in the days when YMCA had no youth teams. Then went onto Barrow Gurney youth team. Drafted into YMCA Fourth Eleven and progressed (or so I would like to think) into the senior sides today.

Best YMCA Match Played In: Can’t really recall a specific favourite game. Had a few good innings though, managed to score 24 off 5 balls last season, only to attempt to leave the last ball of the over and deflect in onto my stumps. Got a few 50’s a while back so I guess they have to be my best matches, bowling wise haven’t really been used much in later years.

Favourite YMCA Batsman (past or present): Tim Over. I would have to say looks at home at the crease, even though a few obscenities usually come out when he has to leave it.

Favourite YMCA Bowler (past or present): Has got to be Chidge. Club legend! Always gives his all to the club on and off the field. Always turned to in a moment of need by the team captain placing the ball in Jim’s hand. Best mention Dowler as well just to keep him happy.

Favourite Cricket Grounds: Haven’t been to many. Played at Arundel a while back, but there’s no place like home as they say. The mighty Golden Hill.

Least Favourite Cricket Ground: Played at a few beastly grounds I would have to say, but nothing comes close to the run fest that occurred on the “wicket of Hanham Mount”. Must have got them all out for 65 in 45 overs I think, a real game for the spectators I’ll tell you.

Favourite Professional Cricketer: Big fan of old Freddy Flintoff, probably due to his attacking batting style, oh and similar size in stature.

Favourite Food: I'll give anything a go really; I can remember the long lost Gordon Pilgrim and me having to have two plates each at Bitton in order to fit all the cakes on. Oh and I think the younger members are slowly picking up the stacking technique for the optimum food consumption at tea time.

Favourite Drink: Alcohol mainly as a student. Unless I’m driving of course.

Favourite Football Team: More into rugby I would have to say but following the Wolves as I’m at Uni there. Got to say Rovers to keep Dad happy but try to look up Cities scores as well.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Magaluf - lads holidays, got to say America as well (big food portions!!).

Motto In Life: No loitering (Steve and Brett you’ll understand) and a few others not publishable but I’m sure they’ll come out on the field in the season.

© 2004 YMCA Cricket Club